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  1. What’s on your mind?
    In Sumerian mythology, a me (Sumerian, conventionally pronounced [mɛ]) or ñe[ŋɛ] or parşu (Akkadian, [parsˤu]) is one of the decrees of the gods foundational to those social institutions, religious practices, technologies, behaviors, mores, and human conditions that make civilization, as the Sumeria
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  3. File:Cuneiform script2.jpg — Wikimedia Commons
    Cuneiform script tablet from the Kirkor Minassian collection in the Library of Congress. From Year 6 in the reign from Amar-Suena/Amar-Sin between 2041 and 2040 BC.
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  4. Sumer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sumer (from AkkadianŠumeru; Sumerian𒆠𒂗𒂠ki-en-ĝir15, approximately “land of the civilized kings” or “native land”[note 1])[1] was an ancient civilization and historical region in southern Mesopotamia, modern Iraq, during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age. Although the earliest historical records…
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  5. Шумер — Википедия
    Координаты: 33°03′00″ с. ш.44°18′00″ в. д. / 33.05° с. ш.44.3° в. д. (G) (O)33.05, 44.3
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  6. Мэ — Википедия
    Мэ (или Ме) — в шумерской мифологии — таинственные и могущественные божественные силы. Считалось, что эти силы управляют ходом развития мира, всеми божественными и земными институтами. Силами «мэ» могли обладать как боги, так и их храмы и даже целые города. При этом «мэ» могли покидать их обладателя…
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  7. File:Fragment Bau Louvre AO4572.jpg — Wikimedia Commons
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  8. Дильмун — Википедия
    Дильму́н (возможно, современный остров Бахрейн[1]) — известный древним шумерамостров в Персидском заливе. В представлениях шумеров Дильмун представлялся родиной человечества и колыбелью цивилизации в целом и шумерского народа в частности.
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  9. URArTU-AKKA.d EMpire
    Serge Vedernikov shared a link. 9 minutes ago File:Murex Rimush Louvre AO21404.jpg – Wikimedia Commons This work is in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyr…
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 Raffaele Di Roman Mi piace moltissimo la composizione dei colori e la sua armonica distribuzione. Congratulazioni e grazie mille. Un saluto, amico.

Sylvia Butay Beautiful, I love….Thank you very much Serge…XXX
Iris Sun is beautiful….thank you so much…
Ljiljana Lilly Trstenjak spring rafting adventure down the mighty river surrounded by untamed nature 😉
Maria Ester Albornoz Cativa Wonderful , thanks a lot dear friend, I love it.
Rafael Sumoza went i go to swiss i will can buy a rt you Serge ok like so muchs thanks
Nanie Dinsay Steyn Dear Serge, I love the colours!..Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork with me.
Fernando Maria Cornet Beautiful! Spring time is also a color explotion
Gabbie Rivadeneyra Your springtime is very happy ,my dear Serge. A funny pool of beautiful colors 😉 :D…thank you.
Lööpy Rivadeneyra Serg indeed express a splendid springtime, contagious happiness !!!!!…..Thanks ….Be Happy Always …. : D : D : D
Cory Marie Cummins I really like these colors,,, nice job Serge.
Lisa Maria von Habsburg Wow! A splash of spring! Vibrant colors and very alive thank you kindly Serge:0),
Lisa Maria
Interalias Terraglobus This is *gorgeous*
Uliana Malaspina Thanks Serge, Beautiful
Bill Mason I enjoy the mountains and the rivers at spring time I love the colors
  • Terry Larken Superb Composition Sergei. Lovely Color palette. A favorite. Thank you for the Tag. Hi to all the friends in here and to you I wish you a grand day. Lovely !!!/photo.php?fbid=1859603493128&set=a.1063484150642.122302.1332122288&theater


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