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ZeN__ information energy_iE

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…. These two cases provide us with the processes occurring in not yet known physical science phenomena that it could not fix and determine with the help of existing scientific method. In this case, these processes cantion be described as the transfer of certain files of energy/information with which these files are transferred. These information Energy |iE| packages can freely transferable in space as the electromagnetic interactions that produce, for example, radio and television and also in a time granting Conservation Law of Energy… Or as phylosophical expressed it by Japanese master former days Reyro Xu, in his treatise “Clear Sounding of Stone”: “As the body acts as a barrier, people can not enter into domestic sanctuary, but the mind can communicate so that dwells inside, just as thoughts are penetrating through Silver Mountain or Iron Wall. Ordinary people are unlikely to be able to understand this mystery.” / Publishing: Takuan Soho “ Letters from Zen Master to Fencing Master” edition of “Eurasia” St.Petersburg 1998 /….


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