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File:CentroNiemeyer70.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

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File:Oviedo-Catedral.JPG – Wikimedia Commons
This is a photo of a monument indexed in the Spanish heritage register of Bienes de Interés Cultural under the referenceRI-51-0000785.
    Asturian (/æsˈtʊəriən/;[3]autonym: asturianu[astuˈɾjanu],[4] or bable[ˈbaβle]) is a Romance language of the West Iberian group, Astur-Leonese subgroup, spoken in Asturias (Spain). Asturian is also known as Astur-Leonese or Asturian-Leonese to refer to the language in its historical and current globa…
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  2. File:Torques de Burela. Museo Provincial de Lugo.jpg – Wikimedia Commons
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File:Gijón aéreo.jpg – Wikimedia Commons
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Ave River – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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File:Iglesia de Santa María del Naranco.jpg – Wikimedia Commons
This is a photo of a monument indexed in the Spanish heritage register of Bienes de Interés Cultural under the referenceRI-51-0000047.

File:Asturias in Spain.svg – Wikimedia Commons
Design Guidelines are based on → location map design of german map shop (German). It’s favorable to derive new locator maps from existing location maps. Please keep both size and ratio in this case. Thus the new locator maps may still be applied as location map (→Guide). Marker color is supposed to…

File:Flag of Asturias.svg – Wikimedia Commons
Reedited version of Banderas first uploaded as Image:Bandera asturias.svg with some fixing by Huhsunqu. It Repleces first version uploaded by kooma from Open Clip Art Library.

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File:Península ibérica 910.svg – Wikimedia Commons Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0truetrue

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…. from the development of astronomy OLD-historical (up to 4,000  years ago), we may wonder how the people of those times when even was not yet written form and the visual system #not verbal system of  evaluation# could predict many astronomical processes for which these systems are applicability …. and because these data can not be stored in a verbal operational memory  that comes to understanding how the intuitive-not informed-, ie, Abstract Thinking as it is called thinking of the future / past~ Old Time-2000_0_+2000 years Our Time-Age of Aquarius/, and the fact that the example of painting / art in general / as we can see development from concrete to abstract presentation ….

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…. на примере развития раннеисторической астрономии (вплоть до 4000 лет назад) мы можем задаться вопросом как люди тех эпох, когда даже не было еще писменности и визуальной системы /не-вербалной системой вычеслений/, могли предсказывать многие астрономические процессы для которых эти системы вычислений преднозначены…. а поскольку эти данные нельзя сохранить в вербальной оперативной памяти, то приходит их понимание как интуитивное, не-осознаное, т.е Абстрактное Мышление, как его называют еще мышлением будующего /прошлого -2000_0_+2000 лет Наше Время -ЭПОХА ВОДОЛЕЯ/, и то, что на примере живописи/изобразительного искусства в целом/мы можем видеть как развитие от конкретного к абстрактному изложению….

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Gambrinus is a legendary king of Flanders, and an unofficial patron saint of beer or beer brewing. Gambrinus is variously depicted as a European king, as an English knight of the Middle Ages, or (less commonly) as a plump old man. Gambrinus’ birthday is purported to be April 11.
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