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  • chironex fleckeri Chironex fleckeri is the largest of the cubozoans (commonly called box jellyfish), many of which may carry similarly toxic venom. Its bell grows to about the size of a basketball, and trails four clusters of 15 tentacles trailing from each of the four corners of the bell. The pale blue bell has faint… markings and viewed from certain angles it bears a somewhat eerie resemblance to a human head or skull. In common with other box jellyfish, Chironex fleckeri have four eye-clusters with twenty-four eyes. Some of these eyes seem capable of forming images, however it is debated whether they exhibit any object recognition or object tracking; it is also unknown how they process information from their sense of touch and eye-like light-detecting structures due to their lack of a central nervous system. During a series of tests by leading marine biologists including Australian jellyfish expert Jamie Seymour, a single jellyfish was put in a tank. Then, two white poles were lowered into the tank. The creature appeared unable to see them and swam straight into them, thus knocking them over. Then, similar black poles were placed into the tank. This time, the jellyfish seemed aware of them, and swam around them in a figure-of-eight. This time, the jellyfish seemed aware of them, and swam around them in a figure-of-eight. Finally, to see if the specimen could see colour, a single red pole was stood in the tank. When the jellyfish apparently became aware of the object in its tank, it was seemingly repelled by it and remained at the far edge of the tank. Fascinated by this, the experts believed to have found a repellent for the creature and put forward the idea of red safety-nets for beaches (these nets are usually used to keep the jellyfish away, but many still get through its mesh). The test was repeated, with similar results, on Irukandji jellyfish, another toxic species of box jelly. More

Nah……………I can’t think straight……………Jellyfish in skies = chemtrail pollution, BP oil spill= VibrioFisheri ‘flesh eating’ epidermic, Millions of Jellyfish Invade Nuclear Reactors Japan= Jellyfish are immortal, ‘Immortal’ Jellyfish Threatens World’s Oceans= WT*UCK IS GOING ON? IS THERE SOMETHING WE ARE NOT BEING MADE AWARE OF? IS ‘GOD’ A SIMPLE JELLYFISH?


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общее Древо Жизни, которое надо сохранить каждому из Нас….

a common Tree of Life which needs to be saved by each of US….


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U TUBE Ping-Pong Dama No Nageki