… we can change nothing …  everything change itself …  metamorphoses happen in one moment  and we know about it so little…  just one breath of fresh air on the naked lunch … how much we stay together… how a little …

5 Responses to “–NAKED LUNCH– from ‘SCENARIO’ by me”

  1. beneath the concrete foundation,
    and the brittle surface of our lives
    are veins that carry what powers
    our culture, and its residue of waste.
    beneath the vessels that sustain us,
    be they full of wine or song
    is the very substance made of littered ground,
    upon which we had hoped to build
    the very dreams which slay us.
    though we find them full of air,
    the hot and steamy breath
    of the twentieth century and beyond,
    love and hate seep up
    through the asphalt flesh of our lovers,
    whose promise, now decaying,
    is preserved as best we know how
    in a wax museum somewhere
    in an old northeastern cultural graveyard
    where we all become caretakers
    of each other’s broken hearts
    by sustaining poetic distance,
    knowing that if we touch each other
    we will die.

    Richard Summers

  2. so nice thank you

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  5. We absolutely need to think even more in that way and see what i can do regarding this.

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